Collagen sausage casings.

Depending on the functional purpose, a wide selection of protein sausage casings.

(OP) — Universal collagen casing (OP) used for production of all types of sausages and meat products.

PP — Collagen sausage casing with increased strength. Is used for production of sausage products with a partial replacement of meat raw materials.

SK — Collagen sausage casing for fresh salamis. It has high elasticity flexibility, adaptability to clipping with the use of frozen meat, resistant to the action of microorganisms and the development of mold fungi.

LS,KL — The casing with reduced adhesion to the force meat is easily removed from the sausage loaf. Used for the production of cooked-smoked, semi-smoked and cooked sausages.

UK — Collagen sausage casing with increased clipping.

All types of casings can be used in manual, semi-maual and automatically equipment.

Frankfurter sausage casings.

OSG and Alpha-F are used in the production of sausages, wursts, w / k, c / sa sausages, as well as for sweets and sausages for frying in a pan, grilling and barbecue.

OSG Casing Features:

  • is used for the production of products with raw minced type “fresh” various kinds of sausages for frying, grilling and barbecue.
  • suitable for the production of products subject to freezing.
  • possibility of using on automatic padding equipment.

Features of the Alpha-F casing:

  • more durable;
  • possibility of using on automatic padding equipment.

Protein “Belkozin-pro” and “Belkozin-Pro 98”.

Highly functional animal protein is produced from the hinge split of skins of large- cattle, 100% natural product with no additives. Has excellent emulsifying properties and water-absorbing capacity, that gives the final product a high strength. Produced from a safe raw materials, passed strict veterinary control. Modern technologies and complete automation of production allows the product to be produced stably high quality