for the use of a stomatological sponge with chlorhexidine on the basis of hydroxyapatite and collagen for filling bone defects and intraosseous implants GSK-X-GA-50 “Stimul-OSS”


“Stimul-OSS” is designed to optimize reparative osteogenesis, prevent jaw atrophy after extraction of teeth, cysts, benign tumors, sequesters, and increase bone volume (contour osteoplasty) in order to eliminate its deformation and prepare the mouth for prosthesis. It is also used for intraosseous implantation of supports for dental prosthesis and surgical treatment of periodontitis, periodontitis.


“Stimul-OSS” is a white dry porous material with a base in a form of a circle or square, with soft elastic consistency, the temperature of sealing in water is not less than 45°C, pH of the water extract is 5.0-7.5; sorption activity – not more than 10 minutes; mass fraction of moisture is not more than 18.0%, the material contains: hydroxyapatite, chlorhexidine.

“Stimul-OSS” is packed in a double bag of polyethylene film, a combined material or other materials authorized for the packaging of medical products. The product is sterilized when released by gamma rays at a dose of 1.5 Mrad.


1. After tooth extraction in order to reduce the atrophy of the alveolar margin of the jaw.

2. After tooth extraction for the purpose of osteoreparation, which allows to perform intraosseous implantation of supports for dental prosthesis earlier.

3. At a resection of an apex of the toothroot in case of chronic periodontitis, cystogranulomas.

4. After removal of jaw cysts (odontogenic and non-odontogenic) and removal of benign jaw tumors (fibroma, adenoma, etc.).

5. In case of sequestroectomy and destructive osteomyelitis of the jaws.

6. In case of radical flap surgery in occasion of periodontal disease and for filling of the dentogingival pocket after its curettage in case of localized periodontitis to restore the walls of the alveoli.

7. When implanting supports for dentures (to achieve osteointegration).

8. For alveoplasty in case of atrophy of the alveolar process.

9. To raise the bottom of the maxillary sinus in order to create conditions for intraosseous implantation.

10. For contour plasty (genioplasty, in particular with dentofacial-facial deformities).


1. Polyallergy.

2. Allergy to chlorine-containing substances.

3. Allergy to collagen-containing drugs.


After removal of the tooth, the cyst shell, sequester, benign tumor or other pathological tissue from the resulting bone defect, remove blood clots with a saline stream, curettage spoon or gauze tampon.

After treatment of the outer surface of the outer package-container with an antiseptic solution (furacilin, chlorhexidine, etc), it is opened with a sterile scissors and a small package containing a dental sponge is removed with sterile tweezers, a small package is opened with a sterile scissors, the GSK-X-GA-50 unit is extracted with sterile tweezers and placed into the bone tissue defect. The number of units used is determined by the volume of the bone defect.

After confirming hemostasis, suture the edges of soft tissues over the bone defect. The tooth socket after its removal is filled with 1-2 units of GSK-X-GA 50 for 3/4 of its depth. The edges above the hole are brought together by sutures or a gauze swab is applied for 20-30 minutes The patient is not recommended to eat for 4 hours.

In case of contour osteoplasty and alveoplasty the periosteum is exfoliated from a small cut of soft tissues. The resulting cavity (tunnel) is tightly filled with GSK-X-GA-50 units. The edges of soft tissues are brought together by sutures.


“Stimul-OSS” is available in a form of a cone Ø11 mm and plates (50 ± 5) × (50 ± 5) mm, thickness (7 ± 2) mm, in individual packing. Sterile.

SHELF LIFE: 3 years.