Shirred casing

Shirred casing is made at the request of the client. The use of a shirred casing allows significantly increase productivity and reduce the proportion of manual labor in production.

Cutting the casing and perforation

At the request of the client, the casing can be cut into sections of 0.3-1.0 m. The segments can be from a viscous node and Loops at one end or with a knotted knot and loops with a clip at one end. It is possible to perforate the casing.

OLS casing

All kinds of sausage casings “Belkozin” can be processed by a special composition that reduces adhesion to stuffing for easy removal of the casing from the finished product. It is possible to regulate the strength of adhesion in a from the type of minced meat used and the heat treatment regime.

Preliminary preparation (Ready)

Errors in preparing the casing in the shops are eliminated. The shell is preliminarily trained in the factory- conditions: it is soaked in a special solution, packed in bags and evacuated. These conditions allow They preserve bacteriological purity and exclude the formation of white plaque and mold for a long time time.

Technological support

Consultation of technologists by phone and e-mail. Departure for the enterprises for the help in the organization technological process.