The difference from natural casings are:

  • Strength , elast icity, bacterial cleanness;
  • Stable shape and size for the production of sausages, which allows the production of products with a fixed weight;
  • Possibility of syringing and clipping on all types of equipment: manual, semi-automatically, automatically.

The difference from artificial not collagen casings are:

  • High vapor permeability and gas permeability, which promote active “breathing” of the casing, as a result of which it does not lag behind minced meat during the ripening and storage of ready-made sausages;
  • Special structure of the casing, that allows, when smoking aromatic substances, to penetrate into the product and preserve the natural taste and aroma of sausages during the whole casing lif;
  • High meat consumption, due to increased elasticity, provides an increase in the diameter of the loaf at 5-7% of the nominal diameter of the casing;
  • The ability to heat shrinkage, which allows you to keep the shape of the product during cooling and storage, eliminates the formation of voids and broth edemas in the sausage bar, provides a smooth surface and attractive appearance of the product;
  • A wide range of colors allows you to expand the assortment and significantly improve the presentation of sausages.